Naomi Soto-Steidle, MPH

Naomi Soto-Steidle is a health policy professional with 14+ years of public and private sector experience. She has a passion for strategic communications and efficient problem solving. Currently, she serves as Principal at Umbrex, the first global community connecting top-tier independent management consultants with another. Ninety-five percent of members are alums of McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting group, or Booz. As Principal, Naomi helps companies of all sizes achieve their objectives by connecting them with the right individual or team of independent consultants.

In the Inland Empire, Naomi has worked to close health inequity gaps in a variety of ways. For over five years, she led the local implementation of HealthCorps in the Coachella Valley. HealthCorps is national organization founded by Dr. Oz to combat the childhood obesity epidemic. Naomi worked directly with students, teachers, staff, and administrators in 13 schools to transform their health education delivery models. Many best practices piloted and standardized in the Coachella Valley have since been replicated in other HealthCorps schools throughout the US.

Additionally, Naomi has collaborated with other healthcare stakeholders in the region. In 2017, she helped facilitate the county’s five-year health improvement plan and helped develop the plan’s evaluation metrics as a Health Policy Fellow with Partners for Better Health. Naomi also led the first campaign for the Affordable Care Act campaign in the Coachella Valley, leading to 17,000 individuals enrolling in health insurance.

Naomi passionately engages in research and policy opportunities that improve and advance healthcare access, reproductive justice, and gender equality issues. She is a cohost and producer of a weekly podcast about the Sunday morning political shows. You can find out more at