R. Ronald Hare, MD

In January of 2019, the CVVIM Board of Directors bestowed the title of Founder & Counselor to Dr. Hare, agreeing unanimously that his insight, wisdom and thoughtful advice will be cherished and sought after as we continue to make his vision of affordable and accessible healthcare in the Coachella Valley a reality. Dr. Hare is credited as the Founder of CVVIM having been the initial driving force to establish the clinic. He has been involved in all aspects of the clinic, served several terms as the Chair, Board of Directors, and continues to promote the clinic in the community. A recipient of numerous awards for his community service, in addition to CVVIM, Dr. Hare is well-known and respected throughout the Coachella Valley, and beyond, for his contributions that improve the community. Today, he continues his commitment to CVVIM, as a nonvoting member of the Board of Directors and its various committees.