Eligibility Requirements

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Eligibility Requirements
Our volunteers are here to serve you! We welcome all patients regardless of race, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or citizenship status. If you meet our eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for services at CVVIM:

Eligibility Requirements:
► You must be a Coachella Valley resident 18 years of age or older.
Proof of residency is required, which can be a utility bill in your name, property tax bill, pay stub with your address,etc. NOTE: Speak to our intake counselor if you are unable to verify your residency through usual means.

► You do not have public insurance (MediCal or Medicare) or private insurance.
Individuals who have medical insurance, but NOT dental insurance, may be eligible to receive no-charge dental care assuming all other eligibility requirements are met. NOTE: Exceptions may be made for individuals with private medical insurance, including Covered CA plans, who cannot afford their copayment or annual deductible requirements necessary for plan participation. Speak to our intake counselor for more information.

► Your household income cannot exceed 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (see table) for your family size.
Household family members are defined as parents or guardians, spouses, children or domestic partners. CVVIM will carefully consider household circumstances when counting family-member status; however, working family members who are 18 or older must qualify individually.
Federal Poverty Guidelines
Your Family's Annual Income
Cannot Exceed:
1 $24,120
2 $32,480
3 $40,840
4 $49,200
5 $57,560
6 $65,920
7 $74,280

To Schedule An Appointment:

► We are unable to accept new dental patients at this time.
► Complete the Patient Application Form.
•  Complete the form ONLINE! Click here: Patient Application Form
•  Download the form:
    Click here for the English Version
    Click here for the Español Version
•  Call our office at (760) 342-4414 to request a mailed application.
•  Visit our office at 82915 Avenue 48 in Indio to pick up an application.
Once your application is completed and you have gathered verification of eligibility, call or stop by our office to schedule an appointment.

► Call our office at (760) 342-4414 for any questions you may have.